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Bank of Madras

One of the three Presidency Banks established on 1st July, 1843 headquartered in the city of Madras (now called Chennai).

Bank of Madras started issuing banknotes on the same day it was established. It issued notes starting 1843 until 1860. It was signed by 4 signatories and was issued in two types. Type 1 year printed as 184X and Type 2 year printed as 18XX.

The above note was signed by John Heyman. He was in office for just 6 months and the only note signed by him known so far is the 10 Rupees dated 1st May, 1845. It is one of the rarest notes and finding it in one piece adds exclusivity. It is the only note of this signature graded so far by PMG.

Other denominations of Bank of Madras notes include 10 Rupees, 15 Rupees, 20 Rupees, 25 Rupees, 50 Rupees, 100 Rupees, 500 Rupees, 1000 Rupees, & 3000 Rupees.

Overall only about 110,000 notes were issued including all denominations.