Peacock Bloom
Official Submission Center for India

"PMG/NGC announces Peacock Bloom as the first official submission center for India" & "First onsite grading event in India"

PMG Grading On-site in India in June 2019

Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®) is pleased to announce that it will perform on-site authentication, grading, and encapsulation of paper money in Chennai, India, in June 2019. This is the first time that PMG, a leading third-party paper money grading service, has offered on-site grading in India.

The NGC India on-site grading event will be held June 10-15, 2019, at the office of Peacock Bloom Numismatic, LLP (Peacock Bloom), an Official Submission Center to PMG in India. Vintage and modern notes from nearly all countries are eligible, and there are no additional fees for the on-site grading.

PMG India Submissions

All submissions for the June on-site grading event must be received by Peacock Bloom by Saturday, May 25, to be eligible. Submitters must select “India On-site Grading” in box 6 of the PMG India Submission Form for notes.

PMG will endeavor to have all notes submitted for the June on-site grading event ready for pick up by Saturday, June 15. 

Note: At this time, all submissions made to NGC India must be dropped off and picked up in person at Peacock Bloom’s office in Chennai or the Authorized Collection Center for Peacock Bloom, GT Numismatic Services, LLP, in Mumbai. 

For more information, contact:

Peacock Bloom Numismatic, LLP
30, N.S.C Bose Road,
Chennai – 600079,
Tamil Nadu,
Phone: +91 7418549755