Peacock Bloom
Official Submission Center for India

"PMG/NGC announces Peacock Bloom as the first official submission center for India" & "First onsite grading event in India"

Who is PMG?

Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®) was founded in 2005 as a fully independent third-party paper money grading service.

With an unparalleled commitment to accuracy, consistency and integrity, PMG is the world's largest leading third-party paper money grading service with more than 3,000,000 notes certified. Every note that PMG grades is backed by the comprehensive PMG guarantee of grade and authenticity, which gives buyers and sellers greater confidence.

The American Numismatic Association (ANA), the only numismatic organization chartered by the US Congress, and the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) have both named PMG their official paper money grading service.


Notes are submitted to PMG each day from collectors and dealers who have confidence in our ability and integrity as a third-party grading service.

PMG grading process involves numerous steps within several specialized departments. Each step is performed with the goal of accurately and safely grading each note and placing them into PMG holders. It’s a team effort, and you’re invited to follow along as we trace the progress of a note through the certification process at PMG.

The PMG Grading Scale

PMG grades US and world paper money on the internationally recognized scale of 1 to 70, pioneered by well known numismatist Dr. William Sheldon in 1948. See the PMG Grading Scale >

Some notes have problems such as tears or repairs that result in the note receiving a "Net" grade from PMG. PMG will specifically state the reason(s) why any note is "Net" graded. Only the Genuineness Guarantee portion of the PMG Guarantee applies to notes given a "Net" grade by PMG.

The PMG Guarantee

Every note that PMG certifies is backed by its comprehensive guarantee of grade and authenticity – the strongest guarantee in the industry. This guarantee provides one of several possible remedies in the rare event that PMG certifies a counterfeit or overgrades a note.