Peacock Bloom
Official Submission Center for India

"PMG/NGC announces Peacock Bloom as the first official submission center for India" & "First onsite grading event in India"

About NGC

With an unparalleled commitment to accuracy, consistency and integrity, Numismatic Guaranty CorporationĀ® (NGCĀ®) is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for coins, tokens and medals. Since 1987, NGC has graded more than 42 million coins, each one backed by the industry-leading NGC Guarantee.

NGC Grading

NGC employs more than 30 full-time coin graders as well as outside consultants. To ensure impartiality, NGC and its full-time graders do not buy and sell coins commercially, and strict procedures are in place to prevent consultants from influencing the grades assigned to their own submissions. The combined expertise of the NGC grading team results in unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

NGC Holder

NGC invested more than $1 million in research and development to create the most advanced protective holder for coins, tokens and medals. Designed for long-term preservation, the NGC holder is used by the Smithsonian Institution and other museums.

NGC Guarantee

Collectors have greater confidence in NGC-certified coins because the coins are backed by the NGC Guarantee, the strongest in the industry. The NGC Guarantee provides one of several remedies in the rare event that an NGC-certified coin is determined to be not genuine or overgraded.

Higher Prices Realized

Collectors and dealers pay more for coins graded by NGC and, as a result, NGC coins and collections have achieved many world record prices at auctions. Many NGC-certified coins have broken the $1 million barrier, including the first Chinese coin ever to do so.

Most Coins Graded

NGC has graded more than 43,000,000 coins from virtually every past and present country.